Digital Communication Tools is a one-semester exploratory class designed to introduce students to project based curriculum using specific tools and skills necessary for today's world and the world of the future. Digital Communication Tools blends computer literacy skills, traditional and emerging input technologies, Microsoft Office applications, career research, and digital communication tools. At the end of the semster students will have created presentations and projects using new technologies that are being utilized in the workplace to increase productivity. Major units of study include digital communications devices, utilizing Microsoft OneNote, enhancing presentations, Web 2.0 tools, and iPad apps.

Questions? Contact Mrs. Bird at birds@wdmcs.org or 633-4118.

The lab (Room 1121) is open at all times for your use if you have approval from the teacher in the classroom.
My schedule & availability:

1 - PLAN
2 - Introduction to Business
3 - Digi-Tools
4 - Introduction to Business
5 - Personal Computers I
6 - Introduction to Business
7 - PLAN
8 - Department Chair

Here are a few examples of today's popular online sites: